Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Episode 1! Nicola Unleashed!


In my premier episode I spotlight rising star Nicola!
She rocks, she rolls, and she can slay you with her voice!
I preview her latest CD “Don’t Take it Personally” and talk
about where you can see this true superstar!

Check out her website


Were On iTunes Baby!!!

Hey guys,

Well I just got the thumbs up from the folks at Apple, looks like Off The Subway will be on iTunes for subscription and individual downloading. So just do a search for Off The Subway on iTunes and you can subscribe, preview and best of all post your review of my new show! Please review! My other podcast Comic Makers has been on the air for nearly 40 shows now with not one single review! I don’t want that to happen to O.T.S! So go and write! Spread the word! Earn some good karma today!


Sunday, July 15, 2007

What is Off the Subway?

Hi guys,

So I have been living in NYC for about a year now and during that time my means of transportation are the subway. I love the subway even with all its flaws. The best part of being a subway commuter is the live music that I frequently encounter.

So I have decided to create a podcast featuring the music i tend to hear in my commutes . Because believe it or not, 80% of it is actually quite good. The show will feature 2 or 3 songs of these artists, information on them, maybe some interviews and my thoughts. Im not a music critic and dont plan on being one. I don’t believe I have the eloquence that most music critics have. So this will be the thoughts of your average picky music fan not the insights of a true music connoisseur.

I hope to not go past 2 weeks without a podcast. Unlike my other podcast Comic Makers, this will be a short show that should be easier to produce. So thanks for stopping by and let the music begin!